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PushOwl - Web Push Notifications
PushOwl helps Shopify merchants convert one-time store visitors into repeat customers using highly visible web push notifications.
Earn 16-25% commission on each transaction added.
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Carbon6 is an ecosystem to simplify success for online sellers around the world. The company’s full suite of software tools have been developed by the brightest minds in the industry to help entrepreneurs succeed through innovative tools and expertis...
Earn 20% on your Customer Transactions!
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iContact’s email marketing tools help small and medium businesses grow their audience and design and automate beautiful, personalized emails. Trusted by thousands of small and independent businesses since 2003 to send billions of emails each month.
Earn 50% or our customers' first 4 months or 25% of an annual subscription. That's up to $700 in possible commissions per customer!
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Award-winning customer engagement platform that provides eCommerce businesses with omnichannel campaign delivery (email, SMS/WhatsApp, Push, Chatbot, on-site messages), marketing automation, customer analytics, and personalization.
Earn up to 50% recurring commission for Shopify client
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Regain clarity & confidence in your e-commerce financials with Connectbooks is the only 100% accurate way to sync all data to Quickbooks, & understand bottom line revenue for each item. It automates your accounting, tracks inventory and calculates pr...
Earn 10-20% recurring on referral charges!
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Lead Tracking for Marketing Agencies and Clients
Earn 20% on subscription for 2 years. Lifetime commission for Premium Affiliates!
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As a marketeer are you approaching the market full funnel? Are you using the stages Awareness, Consideration, Intent & Action, then look no further. We help you to organise it through one dashboard. Get all your campaigns into the funnel with BeAddy...
Earn maximum $4500 per company or 40% commission
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Freshworks makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their employees and customers with our suite of best-in-class products across customer experience, sales, marketing, ITSM and HR Management.
Earn a 15% commission on every sale made for the first year of the life of a customer
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The best landing page builder for reducing turnaround time & converting more traffic.
20% of every sale of the monthly subscription
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The TouchBistro all-in-one POS and restaurant management system makes running a restaurant easier.
Refer a restaurant owner and earn $1,000 once they purchase!
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Switcher Studio
Switcher’s award-winning suite of video products empowers users to create, share, and monetize live and recorded videos across social media platforms and business websites.
Earn up to $300 for every customer!
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Stamped is an AI-powered eCommerce marketing platform that enables D2C brands to accelerate their business growth through reviews, ratings, and loyalty incentive programs.
Earn 10% on every customer purchase for life!
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SKU IQ helps small business owners selling in-store and online keep their inventory, orders, and product catalog data synced between their POS terminal and ecommerce platform.
Earn 20% commission for the first year!
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Shipping software for e-commerce
Earn 100% on your referrals' first month
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E-commerce platform for creating your online store to sell your goods. It is used by more than 300,000 creators all over the world.
25% lifetime commission
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The World's Largest E-Commerce Cross Channel Ad Platform. Thousands of sellers trust Quartile’s full-funnel optimization approach to unlock the full potential of their selling and advertising.
Earn 20% on 1st Year Subscription Revenue. Average $4,800 commission per customer.
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Postscript is the leading SMS marketing tool for Shopify brands. With their solution, you can make SMS your #1 revenue channel.
Earn 10% in the customers first year on Postscript!
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Packhelp is an online marketplace for packaging solutions. Trusted by more than 65,000 brands across Europe, US, Canada and Australia.
Earn up to EUR 4000, with 15% commission on first order and 5% on next ones
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We help businesses boost their traffic, leads & sales via engaging calculators, quizzes, polls, contests, chatbots, recommendations, forms.
20% Commission on sale, 10% Recurring Commission
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Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing automation platform that helps ecommerce businesses grow their sales, not their workload.
Additional 10% rev share for this client
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Octane AI
Octane AI is a zero party data marketing platform that allows Shopify merchants the ability to collect owned data to personalize the entire customer journey.
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Melio is a free & simple bill pay solution for small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. Pay any business expense with just a few clicks.
$200 for the first time payment of a new customer!
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Maropost Commerce Cloud
Build, optimise, and grow your wholesale or multi-channel ecommerce business.
Earn up to $500 AUD on every Australian customer you refer!
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Katana Cloud Manufacturing
Cloud manufacturing software for total visibility. Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, Quickbooks Online, and more via Zapier, Integromat, and Katana’s open API.
Earn 20% from the revenue of all referred customers
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Jungle Scout
Join our family & share the most powerful & trusted suite of tools with your audience, empowering entrepreneurs & Amazon sellers.
25% of the first sale of all plans
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Send, Track and Manage your emails with Jetsend.
Get paid what they pay for the 1st month! It's really that simple!
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Build and optimize landing pages that convert—all without a developer. Instapage enables marketers to improve their digital ad campaign performance at scale, resulting in higher conversions and better ROAS.
Earn 15% of a customer's annual subscription after the first year
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As the go-to hub for customer insights and personal tasks, Glances integrates all of your clients' apps and provides a simplified view of the data they need in real time – no coding necessary. Includes time-saving actions available at any time.
Bank up to 30% recurring commission
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Getbee is a 1:1 video shopping solution allowing businesses to connect in real-time with their website visitors and sales agents through live video calls.
Earn 20-25% of every 1st year sale
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Deliverr provides FBA-like multi-channel fulfillment with transparent pricing and a hassle free experience so you can focus on your business
300 USD for Leads Who Fulfill with Deliverr
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CometChat helps you quickly add in-app messaging and voice & video calling to mobile apps and websites. Our SDKs, UI Kits, & widgets help developers of any skill set launch secure, feature-rich chat.
Earn 20% recurring revenue for each sale for 1 year
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Campaigner is Ziff Davis Martech’s extremely powerful email and SMS marketing solution. Campaigner will help businesses personalize their emails, enhance their customer engagement and drive their business more sales.
$10 CPL / $350 CPA
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Turn online shoppers into in-store customers by showing your in-store products to shoppers browsing online. Stores must have accurate stock in their POS system
Earn 10% ongoing net revenue share for any referred retailers.
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TapClicks is a Smart Marketing Cloud, powered by your data, to unify your marketing.
$200 spiff for a qualified demo referred
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Trendsi is the #1 fashion dropshipping platform on Shopify that helps anyone to start and grow their online ecommerce businesses without taking inventory and handling shipping & return.
Earn 5% of revenue on your customer's orders for the first six months. Average $2000 per customer
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CINNOX is a total experience SaaS platform that elevates CX and EX with innovative omnichannel engagement & analytics solutions, helping businesses to CONNECT, ORCHESTRATE, EVALUATE all interactions.
Earn 10% Revenue share on customer brought on through links
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Printify is the leading print-on-demand platform that helps you become an entrepreneur without big investments
Earn 5% commission on each sale your referrals make for 12 months. Average $3000 per customer.
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Subbly is an all-in-one subscription-first commerce platform, with everything you need to run any kind of subscription business including with transactional commerce.
Earn 30% on all recurring revenues for life and give $10 discount to your referrals
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Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center.
Earn 20% revenue share on every deal closed.
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Justuno is a conversion automation platform with SMS/email lead captures, personalized onsite messaging, intelligent product recommendations, & more to convert more visitors into customers.
30% Referral on 1st payment MRR for 12 months
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Pagecloud makes it easy for you to create, host, and manage your website and online store using one user friendly tool.
20% revenue share + Free lifetime subscription + 20% discount for your community
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Extend's modern product protection platform drives profit at no cost for both merchants and referral partners. Our experts can have your merchants driving revenue in a matter of days.
Unlock transactional revenue for you and your merchants today
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Zee is a Tax Compliance, Importer of Record, and Logistics specialist that offers a one-stop-shop solution for established e-commerce sellers looking to take the leap from local to global.
Earn per up to $1000 per Qualified Client!
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Immerss is a live video shopping platform and app purpose-built for brands and retailers. Immerss is comprised of two solutions: 1-to-1 digital clienteling and 1-to-many live steam shopping.
Earn 20% rev share for the first 12 months!
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With ScoreApp you can qualify and generate leads, educate clients and benchmark success. By creating beautiful quizzes, businesses are able to deliver valuable content based on the data that is hyper personalised, at scale. It's game-changing!
Earn 22% on every customer purchase for the first year!
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Earn recurring commissions for your referrals over 36-months! We on average save companies 20% against their annual shipping spend. Additionally, our partners position these achieved savings as a funding vehicle to subsidize their own core offerings!
Earn 10% recurring commissions over 36-months!
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Veem helps businesses save time and optimize cash flow by simplifying how they send and receive payments, it’s a secure accounts payable and receivable solution with payment tracking and integrations.
$8 for every qualifying business lead & $150 for every business lead that sends a payment to a new Veem account.
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Spocket is the largest online dropshipping marketplace that connects over 60,000 retailers with millions of fast-shipping products from US & EU suppliers. Join our partner program today!
Earn 20% recurring commission on all paid subscriptions forever!
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POWR, Inc.
POWR is the web's leading app library to help SMBs collect information, engage visitors, boost conversions, & skyrocket their revenue.
Earn 30% commission on all paid referrals! Plus bonuses for sales milestones!
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Connect, engage, and relate to every customer on a personal level with smarter ecommerce marketing automation by Drip.
Become an agency partner and earn up to 25% recurring commission.
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Similarweb powers the world’s businesses with the best digital data. We provide insights for any website, app, industry and market. Use Similarweb to improve digital marketing strategy, generate new leads, improve their eCommerce performance.
Earn $1,000 and more on new business and upsell opportunities we close from your referrals!
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Webflow is a visual web development platform that lets you design, build, and launch completely custom websites without writing code.
Get 50% of all payments for 12 months — for every customer you refer.
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Ticket Tailor
At Ticket Tailor, our mission is to empower a diverse range of event creators by making it easy and affordable to sell tickets. Our flexible and fair pricing helps event budgets go further and our first-class customer care means support is always on ...
Earn 20% of all Ticket Tailor fees generated from your referral, forever
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Moda is a customer data & engagement platform with email & SMS automation, so you can easily send out triggered messages based on multiple customer behaviors. It enables you to turn your 1st-time buyers or subscribers into repeat buyers.
Earn 30% recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to Moda.
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Finaloop completely automates bookkeeping for eCommerce brands. We're the ONLY ecommerce-tailored, real-time, and 100% accurate bookkeeping solution that allows you to say goodbye to your bookkeeper for good.
Earn up to $3,000 for a successful referral
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Tresl, Inc.
Tresl is a Shopify Plus Certified App. Without writing a line of code or having a data science team, easily find profitable segments you can sync across all marketing channels (Email, Ads, SMS, etc.)
10% to 20% monthly revenue sharing, no time limit.
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The Fulfillment Lab
The Fulfillment Lab is a fulfillment marketing company that offers expedited shipping, custom packaging, inventory management, order transparency, on-demand products and other business solutions.
Earn a one time payment of $200 for first shipment!
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BuzzGuru is an influencer marketing SaaS platform for brands and agencies to plan, manage and analyze campaigns with content creators on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok
🔥New & Hot🔥 Earn 20-40% on every sale (up to $2,799 per client)
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A SaaS Data Platform that addresses all the steps in the data journey. Semantix helps companies to achieve the digital transformation with data integration, analytics and artificial intelligence.
Earn up to 20% commission on every sale!
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Particl is the new era of market research for the world's leading brands. It's never been easier to access real-time market data, track competitors, optimize pricing, and develop products.
Earn 10% on first year subscription revenue. Average $2,500 to you per customer.
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Finale Inventory
Finale Inventory is the top inventory management solution for applications involving high volume, multichannel eCommerce and warehouse management.
Earn 15% every month for a paid customer's first year
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Our mission is to empower online sellers to scale their business, capture demand, and meet goals. At the intersection of fintech and eCommerce, Onramp is flipping traditional lending on its head by providing merchants with the cash they need to grow!
Earn up to 15% of net revenue from referred capital projects! Average earnings per referral are typically between $250-$500.
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With VideoPeel, you can capture user generated videos for all your needs: testimonials, ads, support, recruiting, interviews, feedback, assessments, evidence, inspections, celebrations, etc.
20% commission on every sale up to 1 year!
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Shop Circle
We buy, operate and scale the most incredible eCommerce tools
Earn 2x Product Price
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Toki is the platform of the future for brand engagement, retention and acquisition. Built on the blockchain, Toki allows brands to launch their own branded tokens and create activities and challenges
Earn 25% for the first 12 months of the customer's life!
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The New Way to Hire Top Marketing Talent. Mayple matches brands with top vetted marketers & helps them grow better together.
$120 Lead | US | CA | AU | UK | KPI 1: Budget > $5K |KPI 2: Business emails
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Awtomic makes subscription eCommerce delightful. We built a people-first platform that shoppers and merchants love.
Earn 15% of monthly and transaction fees or $100 per paid customer
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Fairing (Formerly EnquireLabs) is a question insights and analytics platform created for Shopify merchants.
20% revenue share for the 1st 2 years