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About Switcher Studio

Switcher’s award-winning suite of video products empowers users to easily create, share, and monetize live and recorded videos across social media platforms and business websites to turn their domain into a private content channel.

Offer structure

Earn up to $300 for every customer!

How the Switcher Studio Program Works

Step 1: Join Program and get your referral link
Step 2: Share Link on social media and and other channels
Step 3: Get Rewarded for promoting Switcher Studio

Who should I refer to Switcher Studio?

Our ideal customer profile can range from self-starters to established, large organizations. We often speak to small- to midsize businesses, with 1-200 employees, who are looking for changes in their video strategy, and are looking to improve their quality, save time and expenses, and make their content go further than ever before.

What type of partner do we work with?

At Switcher, we value partners from various frameworks. We have established partnerships with industry leaders, social platforms, marketing and production agencies, broadcast associations, professional communities, and many more. Similarly, we have a robust network of single operator and small-org affiliates referring Switcher in their networks and within their personal scope or industry, to speak directly to an interested audience.

What restrictions do you enforce?

At Switcher, we value our partnerships and strive to maintain brand integrity. Our partner program has certain restrictions, including guidelines against misleading advertising, spam, and unethical marketing practices. We also prohibit brand bidding. Our goal is to ensure a positive and transparent partnership while upholding our company's reputation and values. For specific details, please refer to our partner agreement or contact our partner management team.
For our program's terms of service please visit https://www.switcherstudio.com/referral-partner-terms-and-conditions

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