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About Quadient

Quadient's leading accounts receivable and payable automation solutions help finance and accounting teams improve productivity, reduce costs and get paid faster - from anywhere.

Offer structure

Earn $250 (USD) for each new Beanworks lead that turns into an opportunity
Earn $250 (USD) for each new YayPay lead that turns into an opportunity

How the Quadient Program Works

How the program works Step 1: Join Program and start referring leads Step 2: Stay Tuned our Sales Team will take care of the sales process Step 3: Get Rewarded if your lead turns into an opportunity, you’ll likely be eligible for a reward

How much can I get paid?

You have two different products you can refer to, if you refer a lead to both products (Beanworks and YayPay), and they convert into an opportunity for both products, you could earn up to $500.

How long do rewards last for?

Unless otherwise stated, rewards last for the lifetime of the account.

When do I get paid?

Payments are verified and paid-out the month after your reward is earned. For example, any rewards earned in February will be available March 13th. Want to learn more? Check out our support article on How you get paid for more information.

How are rewards paid?

Once available to withdraw, rewards can be withdrawn from your dashboard using PayPal or Stripe.

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